A New Kind of Digital Agency

Sweet Stack Digital was founded to address 3 challenges faced by many who are trying to build technology enabled businesses:

1. The shortage in local developers has made it unaffordable to hire quality development talent in-house

2. Entrepreneurs typically have a strong vision for what they want to build but often lack experience and require guidance in the areas of product management, technology development, and customer acquisition

3. It is often more efficient to use an existing team when full-time hours for every specialist across the technology stack.
These challenges lead many companies to consider overseas web development providers, but too often, the quality of the developers is severely lacking, communication is painful, and alignment is elusive.

We set out to build a best-in-class agency to provide our clients with the cost savings of using an overseas development team without any of the usual downside. We only hire highly experienced and very talented developers in Eastern Europe who rival the quality of developers in Silicon Valley. We ensure our developers have excellent English skills, and we provide unique incentives so that our developers are invested in our clients’ success.

Selected Works

We design and develop services for customers of all sizes, specializing in creating stylish, modern websites, web services and online stores.

What We Offer


We can bring your designs to life, or we can work with you to create designs from scratch. Responsive design ensures that your content will look good on a screen of any size.


We can develop a new project from the ground up or take over an existing project. While not at all exhaustive, our team has significant experience with javascript frameworks Node and React as well many PHP frameworks. Our preference for Service Oriented Architecture speeds up mobile application development and allows companies to select the best coding language for the task at hand.


We aim to support our clients in any way that we can. Our founder is passionate about working with entrepreneurs and can help with digital marketing, strategy, M&A, capital raising, and sales among other areas that impact growth.




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Who We Are

Joshua Borenstein


Joshua Borenstein is the co-founder of the e-commerce company Lux Group, which was recognized as one of Australia’s fastest growing companies by Deloitte and the Australian Financial Review. Joshua served as Chief Operating Officer of Lux Group from 2012 to 2017, and during that time, the Company grew more than 1000% and achieved more than $500 million in sales. As COO, he managed product and technology including overseeing a large team in Ukraine that developed and maintained the Company’s custom platform -Joshua also led the Company’s e-mail marketing and customer acquisition efforts across digital mediums including search, social, display, mobile, and affiliate channels to surpass 10 million total members. In addition, he played a major role in Mergers & Acquisitions, related integrations and migrations, growth strategy, brand development, and partnerships.

Prior to Lux, Joshua spent two years as a junior member of the investment team at Insight Venture Partners, one of the world’s leading growth equity investors, which has invested billions of dollars in growing technology businesses. While at Insight, he sourced an acquistion for Shutterstock (NYSE: SSTK) and also originated a sizeable investment for Insight in Digital Room Inc, which grew revenue more than 500% during Insight’s ownership and yielded a significant return for the fund. Joshua graduated Summa Cum Laude and Phi Beta Kappa from New York University in 2008 with a degree in Economics and International Relations. He is passionate about food, music, travel, and stand-up comedy and is a wine and whiskey enthusiast.

Dmitri Livshyts


D.J. Livshyts graduated with a degree in Computer Science from Kherson State University in 2008. Shortly thereafter, he joined a software development agency, where he worked for more than 10 years leading a variety of projects, ranging from an Academy Award winner’s targeted marketing platform for Hollywood films to leading mobile apps with millions of downloads.

DJ grew to become adept at both project management and product management and ultimately led a team of more than 30 people across the world to build, improve and maintain the tech platform of one of the largest e-commerce companies in Australia. In this role, he’s excited to build strong relationships with clients and to leverage his substantial expertise in tech stack, search engines optimization, digital marketing and data analytics for the benefit of all clients.

Eventually, DJ’s professional path led him to become a co-founder of Sweet Stack digital — a new era of challenges and opportunities to make the world a better place!

DJ is passionate about travel and mountain hiking. Also, he is a big Liverpool FC fan and never missed a game.

Serhiy Neskhodovskiy


Serhiy started his technology career with the software company that produced “Web CEO” - a toolkit that helped to assess and improve the overall health of a website while also providing multi-factor search engine optimization. With a degree in linguistics, Serhiy started as a customer service agent but quickly tapped to join the technology team and grew to become the lead developer and content architect of Web CEO University - a distance learning system for advanced SEO techniques.

Serhiy spent the next few years as a technical project manager at a software development company in Southern Ukraine, leading development teams and working with companies to turn their ideas into reality.

Serhiy went on to found Smart Money Group, the company behind Masterfolio, an online service that helps investors track and analyze their portfolios across different domains, from foreign exchange to stocks, all within one convenient dashboard.

Serhiy joined Sweet Stack Digital as founding CTO because he enjoys working with other entrepreneurs and believes his skills and perspective allow him to contribute to companies in unique and material ways. Serhiy is committed to building technology platforms and crafting solutions that balance the need for both speed and quality, and will always ensure decision makers understand when a call may sacrifice one or the other.

Serhiy specializes in high-load, auto-scaling web services built upon the modern LEMP (Linux, Nginx, MySQL, PHP) stack. He is a fan of the Laravel framework and has contributed several open source packages to the community.

Joshua is a powerhouse of an advisor. His unique experience and knowledge has been a windfall for our business. I don’t believe there is another agency anywhere in the world that could deliver such a high quality experience at this price point.

We Are Hiring

Full Stack PHP/JS Developer

We invite all seasoned PHP/JS full stack developers with good command of English to apply for the open positions. Successful applicants will join our friendly team of highly competent engineers and help us tackle upcoming complex and captivating challenges.

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React Native Developer

We are looking for a skillful React Native Developer with the experience of fast development of mobile applications mostly composed of standard functions and components (chat, picture gallery, push notifications, editable content, mobile payments, authentication, social features).

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Manual / Automation QA Engineer

We are looking for a seasoned QA engineer to assume responsibility of our web and mobile projects. You should be comfortable with both working manually and automating your work using tools like Selenium, Appium, Behat, Jenkins and leading test frameworks of your choice.

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If you need to contact us, please send an email to info at sweet stack digital dot com. Thanks!